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Back to just writing

Time to write

One of the fantastic aspects of the Backstory platform is that if you're a writer, you can go back to doing what you love without having to worry about everything else. Your dream was to be a writer, so why not just write?

We engaged in extensive research of the self-publishing industry and came to a few very real conclusions. It's easy to assume that readers don't buy your content because it isn't any good, but they can't know that until they buy it and read it. The real problem is most likely your marketing, but that shouldn't have to be your problem.

When you work with Backstory as a writer, that's all you have to worry about. Our system is designed for creatives to work in teams to create, develop and publish content. As the author you just have to worry about the writing. Your colleagues worry about their roles and as a team you succeed. No more having to handle publishing, marketing or even world-building.

Now you get to go back to your passion and really throw your heart and soul into it. No more having to flood social media with links to your work, or having to build email lists for a newsletter, or create courses to get people to buy your stories. It's back to good old writing, which is what you wanted to do originally right?

Not all on you

The benefits of a shared world

The beauty of well structured shared worlds is the limitless opportunities you have as a writer. Backstory worlds are not built around single storylines, and this opens the door for creatives to develop amazing content that doesn't have to be tied together.

Since our worlds don't hinge on a single storyline, they therefore aren't beholden to one. This creates a fantastic environment for experimentation, where creatives can play with ideas and concepts within their worlds to see how they work, without potentially ruining a world and its IP.

Did you know that readers are usually fans of the world, not the storyline? This makes them act like repeat customers for all content written and published about a single world. The success of other creatives in your world's team can indirectly lead to your own success and vice versa.

The opportunity of shared worlds also stretches across the genre boundaries. The content of a single world can include everything from romance, to crime, to epic adventures and more. Hitting multiple reader demographics increases the probability of a world's success, making everyone happy.