Reaching consumers


Here's a quick breakdown of our publishing process. How we do it, and why we do it this way.

The how of it

How we publish content

Once a piece of content has been created, developed and written it then goes through our internal publishing process. The publishing of a story is handled by the story's manager, sometimes in cooperation with the parent collection's manager, if they are different people.

The publishing process utilises a number of steps to make sure that the story is ready to be published. This can include things such as attaching cover art, keyword tagging, organising revenue distribution and writing blurbs.

Once a story has been through the publishing process it is ready to be pushed to the Backstory reading platform. We've made this incredibly simple. A one-click publish action sends the story off to Backstory and makes it immediately available for consumption.

If you are expecting to find the content we produce on Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords or Barnes & Knoble we're sorry to disappoint you. Any and all content written about our worlds is published to our unique reading platform exclusivley.

The why of it

Why we publish this way

One of our platform's important features is the frictionless revenue-sharing capabilities built into it. This is handled automatically, and means that we don't need to hire a person to calculate it. Contributors earn immediately, not a month or a year later on.

Publishing on third-party platforms such as Kindle and Kobo would add an extra layer of complexity to this concept. Not only would content contributors lose out on revenue because of that platform's charges, we would also have to hire a person to calculate revenue distribution manually.

The reading experience on third-party platforms is severely wanting. They use closed-out file formats like ePub and PDFs, which have no interactivity. As such, features like our exposition wiki-pages and time-sensitive world maps wouldn't be available to readers.

Our reading system uses a proprietary format that allows for all of these options and more. With possibilities including unobtrusive sales funnels within the reading experience for related content, and smart subscriptions to world data, our reading experience is head and shoulders above other platforms.