Tales of old


Stories are the life-blood of our community. Learn a little bit about what they are, and how they work.

Noteworthy narratives

What are stories

Stories are the content each of our worlds produces for you to read and consume. We sometimes interchange the word 'content' for stories, but they mean the same thing. Our worlds have vast histories across entire planets with millions of events.

Stories are the windows into our worlds. They serve as many things including, explanations of a world's history, elucidation of characters and their lives, interpretation of cultures and religions and a whole lot more.

We organise stories into collections to help readers understand how they are tied together. We produce different types of collections to help make it easier to group different types of stories together.

Our stories aren't just narratives with a beginning, middle and end, we include all kinds of other content as well. From diary extracts, magic potion recipes, to in-character travel journals and famous battle re-tellings. Our content types bring all kinds of creatives to our fictional worlds from authors to travel bloggers and everyone in between.


Stories in parts

Our stories aren't just text on a page, there is so much more to them. From innovations like teams, new genres, the development process and insightful readership analytics, Backstory is jam-packed with a whole new way of tackling the fiction industry.

  • Teams. Every piece of content that gets created and published by a Backstory world has 4 (sometimes 5) people working on it as a team. Each person plays a different role which include, manager, author, editor, builder and artist.
  • Genres. We publish all of your expected genres including romance, crime, adventure and horror. But one of our really interesting features is the introduction of new genres including character discovery, scene setting and in-world documents.
  • Process. Our world apps have a unique story creation and development process that is specially designed for collaborative work and streamlining. Step-by-step creation, design, writing, editing, building and eventual publishing gives story teams needed structure and organisation.
  • Analytics. Knowing who your readers are is incredibly useful to help orchestrate your storylines. Backstory provides readership analytics to creatives to inform them about who is reading their content. Knowing your readers can help increase your sales and readership.

Our novel approach to content types and creation will be a breath of fresh air to you. As a creative you're free to come up with all kinds of content and market test them with willing audiences. If you're not sure about the desirability of a franchise, test the market with a character discovery short story and see how it lands.